Making HR work for you


Human Resources is an important part of any organization. Whether you have an HR person or not, you engage in HR practices everyday. Incorporating HR as a partner is critical to the success and growth of any organization. Here are a couple of tips to help make HR work for you.

#1 – Buckets

Everything we do will fall into 2 buckets – making people successful or keeping us out of “trouble.” HR doesn’t make rules for the sake of making rules. They understand the motivation and drive behind your human capital, and they can turn that into loyalty and retention of key employees. HR also understands compliance and employment law and can assist you in avoiding unnecessary employment risk.

#2 – The Business

Engage your HR team in annual strategic planning sessions. The HR team understands HR and they need to understand your business. HR can only be successful if they understand the direction and needs of the organization. HR at it’s core is the same but the way that it is implemented into your culture is very different. Successful HR understands the business and the bottom line.

#3 – Feedback

Your HR person or team needs feedback. Honest feedback. They want an opportunity to learn and develop just like any other growing employee. Take time to sit down with HR after the implementation of a new process, the beginning of the year, or after a strategy meeting to coach them on what went well, what could be better, and other opportunities to grow. An engaged HR is a successful HR.